2024 NABTEB Timetable is Out [24th June – 22nd July]

NABTEB Timetable
NABTEB Timetable

This is for all candidates who are going to sit for the 2024 NABTEB examination. Below you’ll find out if the NABTEB 2024 Examination Timetable is out, the commencement date, and the NABTEB 2024 examination timetable.

The timetable is to guide the conduct of the 2024 May/June National Business Certificate (NBC) and National Technical Certificate (NTC) examinations.

Is NABTEB Timetable 2024 Out?

Yes! The NABTEB 2024 timetable is out.

The Timetable can be downloaded in PDF format below


When is the Starting Date for NABTEB MAY/JUNE NBC/NTC and ANBC/ANTC?

According to the National Business and Technical Examination Board, the NABTEB 2024 examination will commence on Monday 24 June, 2024 and end on Monday 22 July, 2024.

Note: NO FREE WEEK will be allowed between theory and practical examination, so prepare as much as you can with the time you have before the commencement of the examination.

NABTEB Timetable May/June 2024/2025


NABTEB Timetable

NABTEB Timetable

NABTEB Timetable

NABTEB Timetable

List of Materials Permitted in the NABTEB Examination Hall

  1. Candidates are expected to come for the examination with their own mathematical set, pen, eraser, ink, ruler, and pencil.
  2. Candidates are required to provide their own Drawing Materials such as a drawing board, metric scale ruler, Tee-square and other drawing instruments. Also, they’re allowed to use slide rules during the examination where necessary.
  3. Only simple, noiseless, non-programmable, and cordless calculators are allowed.
  4. GSM Handsets and other electronic gadgets are not allowed into the examination halls. Candidates are to leave their gadgets at home while coming for the NABTEB 2024 examination.

Rule of NABTEB Examination 2024

  1. Candidates are advised to desist from examination malpractices as this is a crime according to the Examination Malpractice Act No. 33 of 1999: There are stiff penalties for defaulting candidates.
  2. Bringing textbooks, plain sheets or scripts into the hall, is not allowed. The only materials you should go into the examination halls with are those which you have been specifically asked to bring.
  3. Communicating with other candidates during the examination is not allowed. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to attract the attention of the invigilator or supervisor by raising your hands.
  4. Loss of books, and other properties which you bring to the examination center is on you, as the Board does not accept responsibility for them.
  5. Disobeying any of these instructions may result in you being asked to discontinue your work, by the supervisor who is within his/her rights to report such disobedience to the Board.
  6. Candidates may report directly to the Board with proof any situation where examination officials or school authorities are involved in examination irregularities or malpractices