3 Compulsory Events that must take Place Before 2020 WASSCE May/June Commencement

All 2020/2021 WAEC candidates are curious to know the actual timetable of the examination as fast as possible in order to scale through their secondary school education certificate.

3 Compulsory Events that must take Place Before 2020 WASSCE May/June Commencement

But it seems the West African Examination Council, WAEC, are not yet prepared for an examination due to the outbreak of the ongoing Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic disease cases in the whole world

Here are three compulsory events that must take place before the commencement of this year’s examination.

  1. The drive-away of coronavirus from the sub-region of West Africa. Because, if this virus continues to spread around rampantly there would be no examination this year.

And this is the major reason why WAEC has not yet conducted an examination.

  1. The Resumption of schools: if schools do not resume, it is impossible to gather teachers and students, and without these two set of people WASSCE can never hold. because the teachers are the ones to invigilate the examinations and the students are the ones to write these examinations.

  2. The Relaxation of lockdown by all countries in the West African sub-region:

this is the most important point because everyone is said to stay indoors, this is one of the impeders to the examination been conducted.

“But this does not mean that WAEC candidates should not read their books, please read your books while you wait for WAEC”

Please Note: WAEC exam will still hold this year as the new timetable will be published in the next few day’s

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