Best 5 Courses worth studying in 2020

The world is changing rapidly; new careers are being forged and new trends are shaping how our lives are being directed.
If you closely study how technology has been impacting business and personal lives, you’d notice a seismic shift from the way things were being done.
Many of the jobs that exist today never existed ten years ago, and many of the jobs that will take center stage in the next decades don’t exist today.
Technology however, is not the only selling career field in the market right now. There are other non-tech courses that can boost your chances of getting a job very quickly. In the next decade, most of the jobs we now have would have been so redefined that they’d look really different from what they now are.
As a Nigerian, one of the most popular mantras you’ve heard is “there are no jobs”. However, for those who have keyed into this rapid change, getting a job has become easier. In short, some are enjoying the luxury of constantly switching jobs.
Also, the proliferation of freelance gigs is fast becoming a mainstream thing. Statistics show that a third of the American workforce are freelancers. In Nigeria, that number is also increasing.
No one wants to spend 4 years at the university only to start all over again after graduation. Unfortunately, this is the fate of most graduates today. Learning a skill or veering off into a new career path is good, in short, for employable citizens, it is a wise decision.
However, you could avoid this delay and start now by choosing a course that is relevant to the time and season, and that fits your skills.

1. Management and business

Organizations need employees with great management skills and this cannot be replaced. This need has skyrocketed in the last few years. Prior to the age of technology, businesses could afford to hire managers with a few skills or in some cases, manage their businesses themselves. The rift competition already in the market now has created a strong need for better managers.
Businesses are now in the business of diversifying, which means they now need more fresh ideas for revenue-generating activities that can double or triple their income. At the same time, these businesses want to minimize expenditure, so they search for all these skills in one person.
If you’ll be studying business administration next year, make sure you focus on management and creative ways to make sales. With these skills, you’ll be sitting pretty in front of the labour market.

2. Computer Science and Information Technology

I could just write “computer science” and move on to the next outline without a description. This is because computer science has become one of the most powerful disciplines in the world right now. Graduates without a background in computer science are now taking professional courses in order to join the “computer science” market.
The labour market is more favourable to candidates who have experience or background in computer science and its subsidiaries. However, it is best for those who have carved out an aspect of this broad discipline to pursue a career in. One major aspect is information technology.
ICT is one of the most popular courses in the world, in short, it has a spot in the top ten. Fun fact: ICT professionals are in short supply globally. What does this mean for you? Less competition and more jobs. If you prefer to work as a freelancer, you may even get more jobs and make more money.

3. Entrepreneurship

Investors are in need of people who are capable of developing business ideas and starting it from scratch. Not everyone has the patience and skills to establish and manage a business; some people crash under the pressure. This why is entrepreneurs will forever be needed.
Existing businesses are also demanding the services of entrepreneurs to help them develop a better business. Entrepreneurship is a good and promising course to look at in the year to come.

4. Data Science.

Data is the new crude. The capacity to analyze, manipulate and extract information from data is a highly demanded skill. Businesses and organizations are currently demanding the services of people with a good background in solving and manipulating complex data..
We currently live in a world that’s being directed by technology. A good background in this field will give you a free pass to a good job in no time.

5. Clinical Psychology

People are becoming increasingly aware of their mental health lately. The rate of suicides and self-inflicted injuries due to poor mental health has given a rise in demand for psychologists. Big organizations even employ psychologists as part of their Human Resource team in order to be sure of the state of the mental health of their employees.
There you have it. Do not pick a course to satisfy your parents of an old desire, pick one that is relevant.

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