How To Check JUPEB Examination Results Online

How To Check JUPEB Examination Results Online

How To Check JUPEB Examination Results Online

To start with, students can check their JUPEB result in two ways. Firstly, through JUPEB official portal while the other is to through the school where the programme was held. Notably, the notice board of the faculties or related platforms in the school. In order to check your JUPEB examination result online, students are enjoined to visit the official JUPEB result portal with their registration number.

Also, where you receive your JUPEB lectures, the management of the school might decide to post the result on their official website in a section meant for JUPEB candidates. It is worth noting that, students may not run degree simultaneously at the same institution or study centre where they had the JUPEB programme but their successful result makes them eligible for admission into any JUPEB affiliated universities in Nigeria.

 To check your JUPEB exam results follow the procedure below :

  • log onto JUPEB result portal at
  • Input your exam no on the first field
  • Input your surname on the second field
  • Then, click on the check button below it

Your result will be displayed to you promptly, in the form of A, B, C, D, E and F which literally stands for 5pts, 4pts, 3pts, 2pts,1pts and 0pts respectively. To know how to calculate your grade, kindly read How to Calculate JUPEB Grades, Scores And Points.

However, if you have any issue regarding checking of your result online or otherwise, don’t hesitate to drop a comment or reach us via the contact details provided at the top of the post.

In conclusion, our advise to many admission seekers is to stop sitting at home, and writing JAMB yearly without securing admission, enroll for JUPEB programme today. To register, candidates are required to read the procedures on ➧JUPEB 2019/20 registration form.

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However, for more information on JUPEB, JUPEB 2017/18 registration, JUPEB centres in Nigeria, Universities Accepting JUPEB and lot more visit ➧Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB)

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