IJMB Timetable For February/March 2020 Is Out

IJMB releases the timetable for 2020/2021 examination

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Interim Joint Matriculation Board, IJMB Timetable for the 2020/2021 February/March session has been released and published online and the exam will start from the 26th of February till the 10th of March.

In the proposed timetable, the examination is to start with Biology on Tuesday the 25th of February and end with Chemistry on the 10th of March 2021. Students should take note that this is a proposed timetable and therefore it might still be tinkled with for necessary adjustment.

Download IJMB 2020 examination proposed timetable below.

IJMB is about the one-year academic session that takes successful students into 200L. Students combine the result with D.E to be purchased from the JAMB website.

Those who are about to write the 2020 academic sessions are expected to buy the D.E now while is still on, as JAMB has been known not to listen to late registration requests from parents and guardian, unlike IJMB.


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