Reasons Why Morning Sex is Medically Good for Health

5 Best Reasons Why morning sex is Medically Good for Health

There are some small moments in life that are really great. Glancing down at your phone to see a surprising text from a potential mate.
All these instances can make you feel like the universe is on your side. The same can go for sex — especially morning sex. there are many reasons why morning sex is the best, according to both science and the experts.
In the morning ,when you’re at your most vulnerable and still easing into the day, waking up next to your partner may give you all the warm fuzzies. Morning sex can be like eating chocolate cake for breakfast: decadent,Plus, who doesn’t want to linger in bed just for a little longer?
The benefits of morning sex extend past being in a great mood for the rest of the day. According to research scientist, individuals who partake in morning sex can be healthier and happier people. Your post-coital glow that others are noticing may not be totally bogus. And waking up next to your partner sure as heck beats waking up to an alarm clock.

Here are all the reasons why morning sex can be the best.

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1. You’ll be thinking about it all day.

This is a win-win for you and your best friends, who will appreciate the fully detailed recap later. According to Health, when you first wake up, your mind’s in twilight, a state of feeling half-asleep and half-awake.
By spending your first waking moments engaged in sexual behavior, when you do turn on your brain, you’ll be able to start your day in a fresh and memorable way.

2. You’ll be in a great mood.

Sex in the morning can get you — and the day — off to a great start, morning sex is a natural stress-reliever, and its effects can last for seven days or more.
That means early morning Monday romp can even ease your Sunday Blues. Additionally, Expert says that morning sex can increase levels of IQ, an antibody that helps to fight against infection. “It’s like taking your daily vitamins, only way more pleasurable.

3. It’s a form of exercise.

Morning sex can be a great alternative to hitting the gym in the morning.
In fact, aged 18 to 35, who had sex once a week for a month and jogged on a treadmill for 30 minutes, men and women both gained a better workout from having sex.

4. You’ll feel ready to take on the day.

According to Health, arousal is most likely to occur when you’re feeling relaxed, with a clear mind.
You’ll be able to live in the moment and enjoy your orgasm, without running through a mental checklist of everything that’s waiting for you when you get to work.
By engaging fully in your sexual experience, with a clear mind and open intentions, you can feel rested, alert, and ready to take on the day.

5. It can break up your routine.

If you’re used to exclusively having sex with your partner after a long day at work or a night out, engaging in morning sex can break up your routine, and potentially get you out of a sexual rut.
If you feel a little bit stuck sexually, know that it’s totally OK. Trying out different positions, discussing your sexual fantasies, and having sex at different times during the day can help you break your pattern.
Of course, all sex — at morning, noon, or night — requires active consent and discussion of boundaries and intentions before getting it on.
Whether you wake up and do the dirty between the sheets, or clean up with a steamy shower, morning sex can start the day off on the right side of the bed.
As long as all parties are on the same page, there’s nothing wrong with beginning the morning with a great 👍 SEX

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