Top 20 Scholarship Programs in Nigeria for Students in 2020/2021

Scholarship Programs in Nigeria.
I know how bad it feels when you have the desire to go to school but no funds to begin. If you’ve been dreaming of taking up a study program in Nigeria but lack the fund to start up, be glad today because the opportunity of making your dream come true is here.
The good news is that international governments, foundations, universities, and colleges award scholarship opportunities to citizens of the country whose passion is to further their studies. This article is going to provide you with a list of twenty scholarship programs for students in Nigeria. Here they are!
Scholarship Programs in Nigeria

1. Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Scholarship

The Nigerian LNG company is among the best companies that award scholarships to students. This scholarship is given to suitable and deserving students in different Nigerian universities every year.
This scholarship is arguably the highest scholarship in Nigeria, which it comes to Monetary!
Level: 100 level
Worth: N300,000 every year till graduation.

2. Agbami Scholarship:

The 2nd scholarship worth mentioning here is the Agbami scholarship. The Agbami scholarship is sponsored by Chevron and its Agbami partners. Please take note that this scholarship is for medical and engineering students in various universities.
Level: 100 and 200L
Worth: N200,000 and N100,000 for medical students and engineering students respectively.

3. PTDF Scholarships Programme (Nigeria and Oversea)

Another scholarship that is recommended for Nigerians is the PTDF Scholarship program. The PTDF program covers both Nigerian universities and Outside the country.
The Nigerian Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources offers the “PTDF Scholarship Scheme” to suitably qualified Nigerian Undergraduates, Masters, and Ph.D. students.
Please take note that the worth of this scholarship is 150,000 plus a brand new laptop to every eligible candidate.

4. Federal Government Scholarship:

Another wonderful option out there for Nigerian students is the scholarship offered by the Federal Government through the Ministry of Education. The Nigeria government offers Nigerian Scholarship Awards Tenable in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions to Postgraduate, Undergraduate, HND and NCE students of Nigerian origin.
Worth: N150,000 for University students,
N100,000 for NCE students.

5. MTN Scholarship:

The fifth on this list is the MTN scholarship program 2019. As part of their corporate social responsibility to Nigerians, the telecom giant, MTN, usually awards numerous scholarships to Nigerian undergraduate students studying certain science and technology courses in different parts of the country.
Worth: N200,000.
200,000 is given to those awarded every year till graduation.
Level: 200L.

6. NNPC/chevron Scholarship:

You surely should have heard of the Chevron/NNPC scholarship scheme. Chevron in collaboration with the Nigerian National Petroleum Company awards hundreds of national scholarships to Nigerian undergraduate students every year.
The scholarship is tenable in Nigeria only and is valid for 4 years, solely based on the good academic performance of the student.
Worth100,000 every year till graduation.
Level: 200L.

7. Nnpc/Total E & P Scholarship:

Another collaboration from the Nigeria National Petroleum Company, NNPC in collaboration with Total E&P, offers scholarship grants to Nigerian students.
The Total oil and gas company partners with the Nnpc to award numerous merit scholarships to Nigerian students in different universities in Nigeria. Please take note that this scholarship is tenable in Nigeria only.
Worth150,000 every year till graduation.
Level: 100 and 200 levels.

8. Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship:

For those who are not aware, Jim Ovia is the owner and founder of Zenith Bank Plc. Jim Ovia is a philanthropic founder of Zenith Bank plc, and through his foundation, hundreds of scholarships have been awarded to Nigerian undergraduate students from different parts of the country.
Chief Jim Ovia has invested well over (one hundred and fifty Million Naira) 150,000,000 in this scheme in over 10 years. He is a very patriotic Nigerian who gives awards, and totally without any tribal sentiments.
Worth150, 000 every year till graduation. Level: all levels.

9. NNPC/Addax Scholarship:

This is the 3rd time NNPC has collaborated with other corporations to give scholarships to students in Nigeria. The NNPC through its joint venture with addax petroleum has awarded a number of meritorious scholarships to qualified and deserving Nigerian undergraduate students every year.
Worth100,000 every year till graduation. Level: 100L

10. Exxon Mobil Scholarship:

This is another Oil company scholarship scheme. Some persons may know about the Exxon Mobil scholarships, while others may not. Allow me the opportunity to introduce to you, the Exxon Mobil petroleum company.
\Who in fulfillment of its corporate social responsibility, usually awards hundreds of scholarships to undergraduates of Nigerian origin. The award is only available for Nigeria citizens.
Worth: 75,000 every year till graduation.
Level: 100 and 200 levels.

11. Shell (SPDC) Scholarship:

The eleventh on this list is the Shell scholarship scheme. The Shell petroleum development company surprisingly, is in partnership with the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) awards national scholarships to Nigerian undergraduate students every year.
The scholarship only has one Term Of Service and Condition, which is: All applicants must reside in Nigeria and MUST be NIGERIANS only.
Worth: N100,000 every year till graduation. Level: 100L

12. NNPC/Seplat JV Scholarship:

Seplat Petroleum Company joins hands together with the Nigerian national petroleum company and is currently awarding National scholarships to Nigerian undergraduate students every year.
All interested applicants should take that this scholarship is available in Nigeria; The NNPC / Seplat JV scholarship is valid for 4 years and subject to good academic performance. All winners of this scheme are given 150,000 every year till graduation.
Worth: 150,000
Level: 200 level and above.

13. NNPC/Snepco Scholarship:

Another Oil company that currently offers scholarships to Nigeria students and is in partnership with NNPC, is the Snepco company.
It becomes a ritual, that every year, the NNPC through its joint venture with snepco petroleum, and gives awards to a huge number of meritorious scholarships to qualified and deserving Nigerian undergraduate students every year.
Worth: 150,000 every year till graduation.
Level: 200L

14. The Hill city Foundation Scholarship:

The fourteen on this list is the Hillcity Foundation Scholarship, and this scholarship is a vision that is found and funded by some young, talented and selfless Nigerians under the umbrella of the Hill city Foundation.
Please be informed that these founders’ major aim is to impact the lives of brilliant but indigent Nigerian students positively. If you are picked for the Hillcity Foundation scheme, you will be given a total of 50,000 every year till your graduation.
Worth: 50,000 every year till graduation.
Level: All levels

15. Gani Fawehinmi Scholarship:

The next on this list comes from the late legal Icon, who is recognized and most times, called “senior advocate of the masses”. Gani Fawehinmi has a scholarship that is instituted in his honor and memory.
Every year, the Gani fawehinmi scholarship board awards meritorious scholarships to Nigerian students from different parts of the country. Winners of this scheme are given a total of 100,000 every year until they graduate from the University.
Worth: 100,000
Levels: all levels.

16. NNPC/Agip National Scholarship:

The NNPC / Agip scholarship is among the biggest and most popular of all scholarship program in Nigeria The NNPC / AGIP petroleum company, who is in partnership with the Nigerian national petroleum company, awards national scholarships to Nigerian undergraduate students every year.
Take note that this scholarship is available to Nigerians ONLY and works only in Nigeria. Which means, you are sponsored to school ONLY in Nigerian Universities.
Worth: 100,000 every year till graduation.
Level: 100L.

17. Nigerian Women in Georgia Scholarship:

This is among the few scholarship programs which were instituted and funded by an association of Nigerian women residing in Georgia, United state of America. This means that the money for the scholarship comes from Nigerian Women who resides in Georgia, a state among the 50 states in the United States of America.
Another reason why this scheme stands out is that it’s ONLY for female students. Take note that the main aim is to provide support and encourage girl-child education in Nigeria.
Worth: 50,000 EVERY year till your graduation.
Level: all levels

18. David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship:

You must have heard of Bishop David Oyedepo, right? If you have not, then let me give you a brief insight into this great Man. He is the founder of Winners Chapel, Living Faith Church, with headquarters in Otta, Canaan land. David Oyedepo is the founding pastor of the Living faith church worldwide.
Bishop David Oyedepo has a foundation that sponsors hundreds of scholarship awards every year. The scheme is meant to foster academic excellence among young Nigerians who are brilliant and can’t further their education. However, this scholarship scheme is open to everyone. Including Muslims, Christians, Atheist, Pagan, etc.
Level: all levels.
Worth: 150,000 EVERY Year till graduation.

19. ABC Transport Company Scholarships:

ABC is among the biggest name when it comes to Transportation in Nigeria. The owner of this wonderful company willingly decided to give back to society, so he created the ABC scholarships. The company awards scholarships annually to hundreds of Nigerian students in tertiary institutions.
Level: 100 & 200 levels.
Worth: 100,000 every year till a final year.

20. BATN/BATIA Scholarship Awards Scheme

Lastly, BUT not the bit least is the BATN/BATIA scholarship for 2019. The BATN / BATIA Scholarship Scheme is one of BATN/BATIA Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, which is to promote skilled manpower development in Nigeria’s Agricultural sector.
Be informed that this Scheme, established in 2004, was initially meant to encourage the higher educational ambitions of children of BATIA’s registered tobacco farmers. However, in the year 2005, the scope was expanded to include ALL eligible students from across the country.
Level: all levels
Worth: 100,000
I believe that you’re thrilled seeing the above list of Scholarship Programs in Nigeria for Students. If you want to make your dream of furthering your education come true, you can decide to pick one of these scholarship programs today. Don’t fail to share this article with others who are seeking for this opportunity. Success!

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