See shocking message a 'Yahoo Boy' Sent to the USA President on Twitter over Iran Crisis

A photo of an hilarious private message a suspected internet fraudster alias yahoo boy, sent to president Donald Trump is currently making waves online.
The aggrieved fraudster, warned the president on the possible effect his actions might have on their prospective clients and advised him to reevaluate his steps to avoid problems .
Taking to Donald trump’s DM, the man wrote;

Bros all the trouble when you day find so, Make them no go kill client when we suppose chop, i go naked swear for you nii, alaye couple your doings make men no reason you

See photos

Recall that the 45th president of the united states, Donald trump had some days ago ordered an air raid which took out Qasem Soleimani a top Iranian general and several others.
This action however prompted the Iranian government to promise an harsh retaliation against the states.
In the wake of the tension, two missiles were fired at a us military base housing troops in Baghdad, although the united state is yet to react to this at the time of this report, president trump had earlier stated via his official twitter page that the U.S been the most sophisticated country in terms of its security advancements, spent over Two trillion dollars in acquiring military equipment and wont hesitate to test the potency of the brand new equipment on Iran

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