WAEC GCE 2019/2020 Further Mathematics Questions and Answers Expo

WAEC GCE 2019/2020 Further Mathematics Questions and Answers Expo

New Updated On WAEC GCE Further Mathematics Questions and Answers 2019/2020.

WAEC GCE Further Maths Questions and Answers 2019/2020

These are for Candidates Looking for the WAEC GCE Further Maths Questions and Answers 2019/2020.

So if you are looking for WAEC GCE Further Mathematics Questions and Answers 2019/2020, then you are at the right place.

It has always been our duty to assist Examination Candidates. We do provide vital information on WAEC, GCE, NECO, JAMB QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS.

So all we will share with you today is the WAEC GCE Further Mathematics Questions and Answers 2019/2020 Expos.

Did I just say WAEC GCE Further Mathematics Questions and Answers 2019/2020 Expos?, YES!!! I say so.

BEST WAEC GCE Further Mathematics Questions and Answers 2019/2020 Hints And Secret Expos.

When I talk of WAEC GCE Further Mathematics Questions and Answers 2019/2020 Expo, I don’t expect you to think otherwise, I mean confirm WAEC GCE Further Mathematics Questions and Answers 2019/2020 Expos.

What do I see to be the WAEC GCE Further Mathematics Expo?

Well, what I see to be the WAEC GCE Further Mathematics expo may not be the same in your case. But this is the best WAEC GCE Further Mathematics Hints and Expos you will ever see or need to make it big in this exam.

Some of the most important WAEC GCE Exam‘s tips Include:

  1. Arrive at the Exam venue very early before exams start.
  2. Go with all recommended materials like Pen, Pencil, eraser and so on to the exam venue.


1. Study Smartly:

This is the number criteria for Exam’s success. If you want to pass your WAEC GCE EXAM, then you must make studies your number one priority.

2. Eliminate Exam’s Fear

3. Focus More On How To Pass Your Exam Without Expo:

Zeal and enthusiasm are very important to pass WAEC GCE examination. Yes! If you are very zealous, you will do anything possible to pass WAEC GCE examination (the right way). Zeal is what conforms you to study voraciously. It is what helps you to overcome fear for WAEC GCE examination.

4. Use the Exam’s syllabus:

WAEC GCE syllabus is another useful material you need to prepare and pass WAEC GCE examination excellently. I agree with the fact that WAEC GCE asks questions from every topic taught in school. But that those not make WAEC GCE syllabus useless. I mean, if it were useless, WAEC GCE would not have released it themselves. Now the truth is that, in every WAEC GCE syllabus, WAEC GCE often give subtopics for every topic they list

5. Join/Form study groups:

6. Improve your handwriting:

Unlike some examinations, WAEC GCE is an exam to be handwritten. This is the reason why you really have to work on your handwriting before taking WAEC GCE. The central message here is that, since WAEC GCE is handwritten, you are supposed to improve in the eligibility of your handwriting so that the person, who will mark it, will not find it difficult to mark. In some cases, teachers who mark WAEC GCE examination papers, give marks for good handwriting and fail those whose handwriting cannot be seen.

7. Study With past questions:

Past questions are always necessary for every examination. Well, WAEC GCE examination is not an exception to this rule. If you really want to pass WAEC GCE exam, you must go through all your WAEC GCE past questions. This is so because, most of the time, WAEC GCE repeat their previously asked question. Even English comprehension passages are repeated too. For me, this is indeed a tentative tip to help you pass WAEC GCE examination excellently. All you have to do is to study WAEC GCE past questions very well.

8. Make All Your Time Useful And Profitable:

Time management is one of the vital things very examination candidate must take note of. In WAEC GCE examination, a minimum of 2hours is given for every subject. However, in some subjects like French, Igbo, and Yoruba, less time is given to students. If you are unable to finish up your questions before the stoppage time, you may not be given more time to write. This is apparently why you need to manage your time. Make sure that you finish up your questions 30minutes before the stoppage time. This will help you to revise your work and check for corrections.

9. Understand Questions Before Answering:

It is always important to understand questions before attempting to answer them. Have too ever wondered why some students will be rejoicing after their WAEC GCE examinations, but when the results are out, they will be crying because they failed? It is always because they didn’t care to understand the questions they were answering during the examination. WAEC GCE questions are becoming perplexing every day. If you don’t take your time to understand questions, you will find it very difficult to pass.

10. Test yourself Before The Exam Test You:

Reading alone cannot make you pass WAEC GCE examination. Those who have written WAEC GCE examination before can attest to this. Sometimes, when students are told that WAEC GCE examination is 2hours 30minutes, they become happy; thinking that there is enough time to write everything they read. But this is not absolutely true.


Some WAEC GCE Further Mathematics Questions and Answers 2019/2020 Mistakes to avoid

……Still on WAEC GCE Further Mathematics Questions and Answers 2019/2020

  1. Don’t break the WAEC GCE exam rules/Success Code:


↔Direct SMS: #800 MTN CARD

↔Online PIN:- #400 MTN CARD

↔WhatsApp Plan:- #600 MTN CARD

Direct SMS MEANS: all answers(theory & obj) will come directly to ur phone as SMS.?

Online PIN MEANS The Pin-to access our answers online.?

Online Answer Link: https://perfectclass.net


Send The Following details:-?
i) MTN CARD Pin(s) or Transfer.
ii) Subject(Further Mathematics Essay and Objective).
iii) The Amount you sent
iv) Package (E.g I want it As SMS)
v) Your Phone numberSend it to 08032773749

That was a good guide… If you followed this guide step by step, then this WAEC GCE Exam should be the simplest problem to handle now.



The aims of the syllabus are to test candidates’

(i)       development of further conceptual and manipulative skills in Mathematics;

(ii)      understanding of an intermediate course of study which bridges the gap between Elementary Mathematics and Higher Mathematics;

(iii)     acquisition of aspects of Mathematics that can meet the needs of potential

Mathematicians, Engineers, Scientists and other professionals.

(iv)     ability to analyze data and draw a valid conclusion

(v)      logical, abstract and precise reasoning skills.


There will be two papers, Papers 1 and 2, both of which must be taken.

PAPER 1:     Will consist of forty multiple-choice objective questions, covering the entire syllabus. Candidates will be required to answer all questions in 1hours for 40 marks. The questions will be drawn from the sections of the syllabus as follows:

Pure Mathematics               –         30 questions

Statistics and probability      –         4 questions

Vectors and Mechanics        –         6 questions

PAPER 2:     will consist of two sections, Sections A and B, to be answered in 2 hours for 100 marks.

Section A       will consist of eight compulsory questions that are elementary in type for 48 marks. The questions shall be distributed as follows:

Pure Mathematics               –         4 questions

Statistics and Probability      –         2 questions

Vectors and Mechanics        –         2 questions

Section B        will consist of seven questions of greater length and difficulty put into three parts: Parts I, II and III as follows:

Part I:    Pure Mathematics            –         3 questions

Part II:   Statistics and Probability   –         2 questions

Part III:  Vectors and Mechanics     –         2 questions

Candidates will be required to answer four questions with at least one from each part for 52 marks.

I Wish You Success In Your Exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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