2022 WAEC GCE Civic Education Answers [9th November]

WAEC GCE Civic Education Answers
WAEC GCE Civic Education Answers

Get Free Live 2022 WAEC GCE November/December (2nd Series) Civic Education (CIVIC) Questions and Answers for Private Candidates Free of Charge | WAEC GCE Nov/Dec Free Civic Education Questions and Answers (Essay & OBJ) EXPO Room (9th November 2022).


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Wednesday, 16th November, 2022

Civic Education 2 (Essay) – 9:30am – 11:30am
Civic Education 1 (Objective) – 11:30am – 12:30pm


Citizenship education is a process or an act involving the acquisition of knowledge and development of skills, attitudes and values in the conduct of the affairs in a state or nation, with the intention of enabling the youths to function effectively as citizens of the state at different levels which include the state level, national level and international level.

(i) It Enhances Human Development:
Citizenship education inculcates in the youths and citizens that they hold the key to a better future by enlightening them on the significance of contributing their quota to issues of national significance that would lead to national development.

(ii) It Fosters Political Socialization:
Citizenship education perpetuates values that help shape the minds of citizens on who they are and how they should behave in the political and economic institutions in which they live.

(iii) It Ensures Political Stability:
Citizenship education inculcates in citizens especially the younger ones the political norms and values of the society and the need to avoid political apathy.

(iv) It Promotes Good Governance:
The issue of bad governance is a cause for worry in Nigeria and as such the citizens of the country suffer greatly from this problem.

An interpersonal relationship is a strong, deep, or close association or acquaintance between two or more people that may range in duration from brief to enduring.

(i) Accommodating;
This method of conflict resolution, also known as smoothing, involves one community acquiescing, giving the opposing community exactly what it needs to resolve the problem.

(ii) Avoiding;
There are situations in which avoiding conflict can be an appropriate response, such as when there is no clear solution or an opposing community needs time to calm down before confrontation.

(iii) Compromising;
Compromising seeks a mutual agreement to settle a rift. Both communities willingly forfeit some of their conditions in the interest of reaching an agreement. This can be a quick way to resolve a rift without it becoming a bigger issue.

(iv) Collaborating;
Collaboration involves working with the other party to find a mutually agreeable solution to a problem. Each community may work together to negotiate contract terms until both communities find it agreeable.

(i)Financial freedom; Youth empowerment can contribute to creating employment for the youth so they can be able to be independent and take care of themselves. Not only does it allow the youth to have financial freedom, it also allows them to contribute towards the country’s economy.

(ii)Good education standards; Education is important, and it’s a human right. Empowering the youth will help them understand and value the importance of education and give them the opportunity to make better decisions for the future while giving them more options for their careers.

(iii)Eradicate poverty;
Even though poverty is a global challenge that affects all of us, it’s important for youth empowerment to be prioritised in order to avoid poverty. This means that there needs to be more importance placed, not only on school education, but also on career development, skills training and employment for young people.

(iv)Reduce the crime rate;
The state of poverty in South Africa is a contributing factor to the high crime rate. When the youth is unemployed and have no means to make money, they tend to resort to crime which is not a good thing.

(v)Create a Sense of Responsibility: One of the great benefits of youth empowerment on the youth of our society is that they create a sense of responsibility in them. A responsible youth in any society gives rise to an empowered and ideal society.

Political apathy can be defined as the situation where the majority of the populace show an attitude of apathy or lack of interest towards politics. It is usually a case where a person shows no interest in the matters and state of politics in his or her country.

(i)Rigging of elections. This is a major reason for the growing political apathy in Nigeria. Over the years, elections have been plagued with rigging and malpractices. And that is why most Nigerians don’t believe in elections.
(ii)The popular belief that the votes don’t count. Most Nigerians believe that their vote do not count. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of Nigerian always refuse to turn out for voters registration. And during elections, most decide to stay back at home because of the general feeling and belief that their votes will have no impact on the outcome of the election

(iii)Lack of credible candidate. Since the beginning of the post-military era, there has been a continuous cycle of politicians. People do not have so many options from which they vote.
(iv)Current condition of governance. This is probably the number one reason for political apathy in Nigeria. The government has failed to provide good leadership and governance for the country, as a result, the level of apathy towards politics and governance has increased.

Civil society is a non-governmental organization formed for the purposes of promoting and protecting the interest of generality of the people as well as mobilizing them for participation in the governance and development of the society.

(i) Voting: In a democracy, voting is the single most important form of political participation that a person can take part in because it ensures that politicians are elected by the people, rather than being assigned to their position of power by someone else.

(ii) Protest: Whether or not it is a constitutional right, as it is in Nigeria. public protests are another important form of political participation because you are making your opinions known in a very obvious way, with the hope that your actions will influence or initiate change in a particular area of politics.

(iii) Public consultations: Like voting, public consultations (which are more commonly known as town hall meetings) offer ordinary citizens the chance to get together in a group with a politician or elected official in order to make their opinions and feelings known.

(iv)Jury duty: Although most people shudder at the thought of having to attend jury duty, it is an important type of political participation because it ensures that people who are charged with a crime are judged by people like them, rather than allowing the outcome to depend entirely on a single person, such as a judge.




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